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Cyrus Stream X Signature - awards and reviews
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Cyrus Stream X Signature - click on the thumbnails below for more information
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High Quality Optical Digital Interconnect -  
QED Performance Optical Digital interconnect (1m)
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Cyrus Stream X Signature - specification and points of interest
Wi-Fi and wired ethernet connection
Supports WAV, FLAC and ALAC up to 24/192
Supports AAC, MP3, WMA and AIFF
Gapless playback fully supported
'TuneIn' (internet) Radio
Rear USB input for portable data storage devices
Tidal Streaming via firmware update
3 x coaxial, 2 x optical digital inputs
1 x coaxial digital output
Free Cyrus 'Cadence' iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch / Android App
Height: 73mm  |  Width: 215mm  |  Depth: 360mm
The Stream X Signature only has a digital output (ie no analogue out) - it needs to be fed through either a separate DAC, or an amp with a DAC built into it.
Music streaming via wire is far more reliable than via Wi-Fi. If you can't run an Ethernet cable from your router to this unit, then simply buy a pair of mains Ethernet extenders from Amazon for around 25. They plug into your mains sockets and use the mains wiring in your house as an Ethernet cable - they are brilliant!
The USB input on this unit is compatible with most iPods, iPhones and iPads - please check our 'specification' section / the manufacturer's website for exact compatibility.
Silver only
Cyrus Stream X Signature music streamer
Audiophile streamer - now with free Apple / Android control App!

Stream X Signature is the ideal streaming solution for any Cyrus system that already has a DAC within it (eg a system containing 8 DAC, Pre DAC, DAC X, or DAC XP). It handles wired or wireless streaming and supports all the major music file formats, up to 24 bit / 192 kHz, as well as internet radio, via the popular 'Tune in' service, plus via new firmware update Tidal streaming (subscription based service giving access to a massive music library of 35 million tracks, the service offers high fidelity CD quality lossless streaming).

Stream X Signature is an audiophile 'digital only' solution, so it has 3 Coax plus 2 Optical digital inputs, which exit the unit via one coaxial digital output. It also sports a rear USB port, which is compatible with iPhone / iPod / iPad. The Stream X Signature can be controlled either by Cyrus' optional n-remote, or if you already own an Apple / Android device, you can save yourself a lot of money by downloading Cyrus' excellent Cadence App. Either control method works really well, giving the listener an intuitive interface through which to explore music files and internet radio. As you'd expect from any Cyrus component, performance is top notch, with loads of detail, underpinned by a deep rich bass giving the Stream X Signature a significantly superior sonic presentation, when compared to its cheaper rivals. Cyrus fans have waited a long time for the perfect audiophile streamer to add to their system - this is it! NB. if you don't already have a DAC in your Cyrus system, the Stream X Signature won't work, so as an alternative you would need to buy either a Stream Xa (streamer with analogue output) or a Streamline 2 (an all-in-one streamer + DAC + amp that can also be used as a brilliant stand-alone streaming solution - currently available at a great price!)

Cyrus Stream X Signature
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Cyrus Stream X Signature music streamer (Silver only)
SRP £1595

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