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New Cyrus QXR upgrade module

Cyrus have recently announced what they are calling the most significant improvement in their amplification range for the last decade.

Itís called the QXR DAC module and the great thing about it is that it can be fitted internally to any of the models shown below, bringing their specification bang up to date, and dramatically improving performance on all digital inputs.

6a / 6DAC / 6 XP / 6 XPd / 8a / 8 DAC / 8 DAC Qx / 82DAC / 82DAC Qx / 8 XP / 8 XPd / 8 XPd Qx / Pre DAC / Pre DAC Qx / Pre2DAC / Pre2DAC Qx / Pre XP / Pre XPd / Pre XPd Qx

The QXR DAC module is capable of handling digital signals up to 32bit / 768k, or DSD 512 through its asynchronous USB input and also boasts a very high quality on-board headphone amplifier.

If you want to know more, take a look at Cyrus Audioís website, which has just been updated to include this exciting new development.

The SRP of the QXR module is £599 which includes the cost of fitting.

Normally that would involve sending your amp / preamp back to Cyrus, which can take anything up to 3 weeks. However, we will soon be offering a 'fit it while you wait' service for the same £599 price Ė please phone 01743 236055 for details.