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In 1887 a Japanese school needed its reed organ repaired and made an approach to Torakusu Yamaha, a respected local watch-maker. Torakusu, who was incidentally the third son of a Samurai, agreed to undertake the repair and during the process, became so fascinated by the workings of the instrument, that he decided to build one himself. Once he'd done this, he carried the instrument on his back to Tokyo (a round trip of just 250 miles) to seek the opinions of an eminent music professor. Torakusu's work obviously impressed the professor, because the result of that meeting was the birth of Yamaha - now the world's largest, most successful manufacturer of musical instruments.

This musical heritage, arguably gives Yamaha an advantage when it comes to our world of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema - they make all the instruments, so ifthey don't know how a piano / guitar / set of drums should sound, then who does?! Yamaha Hi-Fi and Home Cinemaequipment is renowned for its fabulous sound quality and bullet-proof construction - no other products are more reliable. On top of that,Yamaha are the current magazine favourites, with a string of excellent reviews under their belt.

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Yamaha RX-A880
SRP 999
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Yamaha RX-A1080
SRP 1299
Save 200
Yamaha RX-A3080
SRP 2199
Save 254