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Some brands have such an impact on society that they become part of its vocabulary - think of a ball point pen and you'll probably say 'Biro'. In the world of audio, 'Tannoy' has become synonymous with PA systems, thanks to the company's pioneering work in that field, way back in 1926.

These days, Tannoy still plays a key role in prestigious commercial PA installations (e.g. Sydney Opera House) but the company is now also highly active in the music recording business, as well as in our very own world of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema. Central to this success story is Tannoy's implementation of its world famous, patented, dual-concentric design, which places the tweeter on its loudspeakers exactly in the middle of the bass driver. This configuration is arguably the closest to the natural world, giving true 'point source' origination for sound. We are big fans of Tannoy's superb Revolution, Precision and Definition ranges, all of which have been incredibly well received by Hi-Fi journalists and audio critics throughout the world. And they're not on their own in liking Tannoy, because we've just heard that Dubai's Burj Khalifa tower (the world's tallest building) has been fitted with over 6000 Tannoy in-ceiling speakers - nice order for someone!