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Q Acoustics M2 - awards and reviews
"Best Soundbase" 2017-2018
What Hi-Fi 5 Star Reviewed
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Q Acoustics M2 - specification and points of interest
Power Output: 80W (2 x 20w + 40W)
L &R Drivers: 2 x 58mm BMR drivers
Subwoofer: 100mm x 150mm Dual Voice Coil
1 x HDMI, 1 x Optical, inputs
1 x RCA Phono, 1 x 3.5mm jack inputs
Bluetooth aptX streaming
Engineered to hold up to 25KG of weight
MoviEQ setting
Can use TV's own remote via HDMI connection
Weight: 5.80kg
Height: 93mm  |  Width: 550mm  |  Depth: 338mm
Q Acoustics M2 Soundbase
Award-winning soundbase with built-in subwoofer and aptX Bluetooth!

Modern flat screen TVs may look stunning, but they often sound thin and 'metallic', because there simply isn't enough front to back depth to get a decent speaker into them. If you want brilliant sound to match your brilliant picture, you need a Q Acoustics M2 !

Q Acoustics make some of the highest reviewed, biggest selling specialist speakers in the modern marketplace and the M2 Soundbase has been developed using exactly the same award winning 'DNA' that has propelled the company’s other products into audiophile stardom. And it really shows, because if you pop your TV on top of an M2, connect it up via HDMI (or a simple optical cable) then fire it up, the first sound you’ll hear is the sound of your jaw hitting the floor!  This latest addition to the Q Acoustics family is simply sensational, comfortably outperforming anything else at its price-point - by a country mile.

To be clear, the M2 is a soundbase, not a soundbar.  A soundbar is a long, thin tube-like structure that usually sits in front of your TV or mounts below it on the wall, whereas your TV stands directly on top of a soundbase. That seemingly subtle difference is actually highly significant, because the fact that a soundbar has to be designed to be able to sit in front of a TV, or be flush mounted on a wall severely limits its front to back depth, as well as its height - which in turn limits the size of its speaker enclosures and the complexity of the electronics that can be housed within it. A soundbase has no such restrictions, because your TV sits on top of it, so it actually needs to be quite deep to accommodate the TVs foot. That means there is much more space to play with in a soundbase, so its speaker enclosures can be much bigger, resulting in a far deeper, richer sound, without having to have a separate subwoofer cluttering up the room. The M2 is a good example of this, because its front to back depth is enough to house a downward firing 150mm bass driver, which really pumps out the low frequencies.

The M2 Soundbase delivers stunning TV and audio sound performance. Using a powerful 80w amplifier, unique BMR wide dispersion sound technology and built in subwoofer, the M2 delivers the sort of room filling, immersive, cinematic experience you would think was impossible to achieve from such a small and sleek one box solution.   It doesn’t even need a separate remote control, either, because if you connect it to your TV via ARC HDMI, the TV’s existing remote takes control of the M2’s volume output. And it doesn’t stop there, because the M2 also has Bluetooth Apt-X on-board, so you can pipe music directly from your phone or tablet straight into it, wirelessly, in very high quality. Or, you could buy yourself a £30 Chromecast Audio module and plug it straight into the M2’s custom 3.5mm input, to give yourself wireless access to all the biggest music streaming sites, like Spotify, Tidal and Deezer, as well as all your favourite radio stations, via internet radio.

This compact and versatile design can shelf mount, or support a TV (up to 25kg) or be placed discreetly into a cabinet.

Whether for movies or music, the philosophy of the M2 is simple, to deliver unrivalled, stunning and immersive sound in a sleek and compact design where unwieldy home cinema set ups and bulky soundbars just don't meet the brief. It’s an absolute stunner – which is probably why it has just walked off with a‘Best Buy’ in the 2017 – 2018 What Hi-Fi Awards. Grab one now and give your TV’s sound a course in steroids!

Q Acoustics M2
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Q Acoustics M2 Soundbase (Black)
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