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Focal Aria 906 - awards and reviews
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NOV 2014
FEB 2014
What Hi-Fi 5 star reviewed
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Focal Aria 906 - specification and points of interest
Enclosure type: bookshelf, two way bass reflex
6.5 inch (16.5cm) Flax bass / midrange driver
1 inch (25mm) Al/Mg TNF inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response: 55Hz to 28kHz (3dB)
Sensitivity: 89.5dB for 2.83v at 1m
Impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended amplifier power: 25 - 120 watts
Weight: 8.50kg each
Height: 390mm  |  Width: 225mm  |  Depth: 250mm
One of the reasons these speakers are so brilliant, is that they are slightly larger than most bookshelf designs. Please check dimensions and make sure you are definitely happy with a speaker this size before purchasing.
Gloss Black or Gloss White
Focal Aria 906 speakers
The 'new kid on the block' that is really wowing the critics!

These brand new speakers have created quite a stir in the audio world recently, very quickly picking up two 'walk on water' reviews from What Hi-Fi and AV Forums, which is extremely unusual for such a new model. Perhaps our industry had forgotten just how good a slightly bigger standmount design can be!

Standing only a foot or so tall, the 906 can't really be described as a 'big' speaker, but it is self-evidently bigger than many of the bookshelf designs, which is arguably why it sounds better that any of them! Bigger standmounters can give you the best of all worlds - they can be as 'fast' as a mini bookshelf speaker, but also as powerful in their presentation as a large floorstander.  And they usually look less imposing in most rooms, too.  The 906 pulls off all these tricks with ease, thanks to a combination of superb build quality and novel engineering.  The most striking feature is its beautiful, ultra rigid 'non parallel' (i.e. low resonance) curved side cabinet walls, clad in gorgeous Walnut, High Gloss Black or High Gloss White finishes.  Housed within the cabinet is the equally striking 6.5 inch bass / mid driver, which is constructed out of flax, plus a high quality inverted dome tweeter.  The exquisite styling is perfectly complemented by a luxurious leather front baffle, a glass cabinet topper, magnetic grilles and a set of stunning optional stands.

In use, the 906s sound as grand as they look, with a huge 'all encompassing' presentation that creates an incredibly realistic soundstage.  Every last drop of detail is extracted from any recording and presented to the listener in an engaging, vibrant way that will have you reaching for 'just one more track'. If you want to hear the lyrics of any song  perfectly portrayed, or every move of a guitarist's fingers across a fretboard, then these are the speakers for you. Their trademark is absolute clarity of presentation (without harshness) combined with what can only be described as an infective, 'foot tapping' musicality. Put these speakers together with top flight British electronics, like Naim, Arcam, Cyrus, or Roksan and they really sing!

Focal Aria 906
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Focal Aria 906 speakers (Walnut, Gloss Black or Gloss White)
SRP 799

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